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Stun Guns in Kake AK

Tasers and stun guns both are electrical devices and both have advantages over the other. The simple look and sometimes the feel of either or can determines how a person might want to choose a taser or a stun gun. Other features such as the voltage and carrying capacity might affect ones judgment. Which one would you like?

Many stun guns available in Kake AK come at a low-price such as the ones from Stun Master and come with 4 prongs coming out of them. Some just have two electrodes at the ends. There are many varieties to choose from as well as voltages that spark ones interest. The voltages can go as low as 50,000 and even up to one million. Like the Taser, voltage has nothing to do with taking someone down. It is the amperage that delivers the shock. The voltage is simply the force behind the amperage. Combine them both and you have a means of power behind your personal protection. Stunguns can also be hidden a lot more effectively. The smaller the better some people might say. Others want the big bad monsters that just with the simple sound from the voltage can scare anyone away. StunMaster stun guns come in different shapes to choose from as well. A woman might have a different view towards a bulkier one and go for a more slim design such as the z-force stunguns. Then again, some woman might think the bigger the better. A friend of mine said simply “whats the biggest stunner you got?” I simply answered ‘well are you interested in size or voltage.’ She wanted the size. Go figure.

Tasers are a different breed of stun device and require the user to learn a little more about them. They are electronic controlled devices that use a nitrogen based propulsion system from cartridges that attach to the ends and project to prongs anywhere between 15-20 feet. Most people don’t really care for all that but it does sound interesting. The C2 Taser for example is more designed with the consumer in mind. Simply the shape and color can appeal to both sexes as well as knowing that Tasers can be a highly effective self defense device. The original M-18 looks more like a gun more than anything else and some people would be generally intimidated by the design. Nevertheless, test after test has proven that no matter the look or design these non-lethal electronic self defence devices are effective in putting takedown power into someone who deserves it.

No matter the look or feel sometimes both the tasers and stunguns are effective. Each is unique and each has advantages over another, just depends on what the consumer wants. Electronic projectiles from a certain distance or more of a close quarter combat device that you can control a little better. Both have the same effect. Both dump huge amounts of electricity into the individual. When this happens the neuromuscular system gets overwhelmed and starts to cause convulsions and twitching and very quickly drops the individual to the ground. Neither the taser nor the stun gun will cause side effects. Both are equally safe and non lethal. The taser lasts a little longer when stunning someone considering the fact it is a projectile device. Stun guns last as long as the user is holding the switch. A Taser’s prongs are also safely embedded into an individual and get the job done quicker anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 seconds like the C2 taser. Overall the Taser is more effective over the stun gun.

In reality anything can happen. It is up to us though as individuals to take charge and take control of our futures and provide that means of self defense and personal security in Kake AK. Survival is the key to a negative situation and with tasers and stunguns they can give us the advantage over an attacker. The choice is yours to be prepared so make it happen.

Stunguns are readily available in Kake AK

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